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“Pátria minha” (Homeland of mine)

Barcelona, O Livro Inconsútil, 1949

Printed in the particular book press of João Cabral de Melo Neto in 1949,  “Pátria minha” (Homeland of mine) is what was then called  plaquete (or plaqueta which is a small volume with only a few pages ). The publication is taken from a single long poem by Vinicius. Friends since 1942, when Vinicius visits Recife with Waldo Frank, the two Foreign Ministry officials corresponded frequently during this time. It was the period in which Vinicius was still in Los Angeles and João Cabral in Barcelona. It was after sending the poem to John Cabral to read that he had the impulse to make 50 copies of the poem by hand, in his homemade press and publishing house known as “O Livro Inconsútil” (Seamless Book).
The book was a surprise for Vinicius, whom Cabral left all copies. In a letter written in October 1949, the poet-editor says in a postscript for his carioca friend: “O did not distribute the book to anyone. Serve yourself. And send me one with a dedication. ".