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A book of sonnets

Rio de Janeiro, Livros de Portugal, 1957

After his office at the Embassy in Paris, Vinicius is transferred to Montevideo with a short stay in Brazil. The previous year, it was staged at the Municipal Theater the historical play  Orpheus of the Conception. Vinicius was on the brink of starting his series of compositions with Antonio Carlos Jobim; songs that would be the founder reference of Bossa Nova.

The first edition of this book of sonnets included three drawings and a portrait of Vinicius, made by Carlos Scliar who had done, during the previous year, the playbill and one of the posters of Orpheus. It also has an introductory text by Luiz Santa Cruz. In the second edition, in 1967, the book was released by the Sabiá publishing house, owned by Rubem Braga and Fernando Sabino. The new edition had the introduction of a friend, Otto Lara Resende and was comprised of 25 unknown sonnets, inserted by Vinicius.