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Ariana, a mulher (Ariana, the woman)

Rio de Janeiro, Pongetti, 1936

Ariana, the woman is an offprint; that is, a publication dedicated to a single long poem. It reassures the mystical place that Vinicius’s poetic voice took on at that time, chronicling the search for the ideal woman - and idealized. Death, loneliness and darkness in his clash with nature lead the poet by a dream around Ariana and her savior purity.
The book, in a way, is linked to the moment in which Vinicius begins new intellectual relations and friendship. He moves from the closed Catholic group he created at the Law School of Catete toward the friends who were more connected to the bohemian life and to other more terrestrial moods. In the same year in which Ariana, the woman is released, the young poet  makes friends who would last for the rest of his life, as Manuel Bandeira, Carlos Drummond de Andrade, Lucio Costa, Jayme Ovalle, among others. Nevertheless, Ariana still brings the strong lyrical and spiritual feature that the next books would begin to put into question.

Bibliographical Note

Ariana, a mulher foi publicado em 1936 (Rio de Janeiro: Irmãos Pongetti), 22 p. Foram tirados 300 exemplares, numerados de 1 a 300 em edição fora do comércio. O livro compõe-se de um único poema, que lhe dá título. Traz a seguinte dedicatória: "A José Arthur da Frota Moreira - em relembrança".